Grønt Punkt Norge and the Plastic Promise: celebrating sustainable packaging

Scandinavian countries are often listed high in global top-ten rankings, for example on labour participation, care, welfare and happiness. Can European countries learn from Norway's example when it comes to sustainable packaging? Grønt Punkt Norge, with its Plastic Promise, has in a relatively short time set in motion a major movement to make packaging more sustainable.


Participation in the Plastic Promise is voluntary, but not without commitment. Johannes Daae, Head of Development in Grønt Punkt Norge: "Companies, from multinationals to smaller enterprises, choose their own challenge that fits our three goals. These are: to work on design for recycling, to cut the amount of unnecessarily used plastic and, thirdly, to increase the use of recycled plastic in their packaging. Before corona, we organised three conferences annually, where the companies presented their challenges and solutions to each other, presented developments in research and other topics within the field. These were real all-day happenings. We had 120 seats available and they were all booked up. The speakers on stage knew that their competitors were in the room, but nobody seemed to mind. Everyone understood that their challenges are too complex for one company to solve alone. So they have to work together, and they are keen to learn from each other."

Read the interview with Johannes Daae here.